Metolius River cabin rentals in
Camp Sherman, Oregon

Our Beliefs and Practices

At Lake Creek Lodge, we welcome guests to a quietness of yesteryear, where their passion for life and love of nature will be rekindled and their spirits rejuvenated. We strive to reduce our footprint in the Metolius Basin by stewarding our property’s historic legacy with care. We believe that family traditions are at the heart of Lake Creek Lodge, and we aspire to provide an environment where you and your family can weave vacation memories for generations to come.

We entered into a partnership in 2004 with the Upper Deschutes Watershed Council, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife and the U.S. Forest Service to restore fish and wildlife habitat in Lake Creek. With the help of several grants, we replaced the retaining walls of the old swimming hole with a natural stream channel including riffles, runs and pools. Lake Creek is one of the most important tributaries in the Metolius Basin for the reintroduction of Chinook and Sockeye salmon. This restoration effort will benefit resident and migrating fish for years to come.

During the restoration of Lake Creek, the construction of the new fishing pond, the access roads and the new cabin sites, the US Forest Service removed 250 trees. The trees were pushed over with their root wads intact and were then placed into Lake Creek and the Metolius River for habitat restoration, woody structure and cover for fry (baby fish). When we constructed our new one acre pond we removed approximately 20,000 cu. yards of soil, sand, gravel and rock. The top soil has been used in landscaping and as cap and fill for the new sanitary sewer system and underground site utilities. All left over material was donated to the Upper Deschutes Watershed Council for use in the Whychus Creek restoration project near Sisters.

Our goal in the development of Lake Creek Lodge is to be as protective and responsible of our resources as possible. Nothing is wasted and we strive to reduce consumption, reuse our resources and recycle all that we can. We appreciate your help in these endeavors.

Mission Statement: 

“Our mission is to preserve the historic and environmental integrity of Lake Creek Lodge and the Metolius Basin for future generations; and to provide a vacation experience for our guests that instills a love of nature, nourishes their passion for life and provides them with a wealth of family memories.”

In our efforts to achieve our mission, the ownership, management team and staff of Lake Creek Lodge are dedicated to these principles:

  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Simplicity
  • Sustainability
  • Humility and
  • Compassion
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